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Born and bred in Kyiv, Oksana Stratiychuk has never been to Africa nor could she have experienced life at the beginning of the twentieth century: she is simply too young. And yet, from her pictures you get the feeling that she somehow misses both Africa and the poetic decadence of the Art Nouveau era. True, she would not agree with this analysis. She prefers the term «Viennese Fantastic Realism», but I think this is just a more picturesque way of saying «Art Nouveau». Exotic fruits, fish and parrots (both dead and alive). The gentle brightness of Oksana’s prints invites you to enter her world and encourages you to stay. You know it will be a delicious, peaceful visit: there is no crude realism, no cheap wine or trolleybus tickets anywhere in sight or out of sight for that matter. The chief thing in this world is peace. Few artists have succeeded in creating such a complete world. How has Oksana managed this? Perhaps it has something to do with her childhood habit of sticking her fingers into plug sockets; an activity which resulted in several bad electric shocks. Or could it be because her parents would not allow her to keep an animal at home and now she, in turn, has said ’no’ to her 11 years old daughter’s pleading for a pet. Then she can also remember a moment in her childhood when she shouted at her parents: «I can’t be your daughter! There must have been a switch at the maternity house!», and now she hears the very same words exclaimed by her own daughter. The past catches up with some people and makes itself felt through these little echoes. If the person is an artist, it is good. Then every echo is taken as a sign from above.

Oksana’s works are in many of Kyiv’s museum collections, including the Museum of Western and Oriental Art, The Museum of Russian Art and the Museum of History. She is popular in Germany and Japan, having has very successful exhibitions in Munich and Tokyo.

Two Figures with the Still Life
Etching, watercolor, 64×50, 1997

Jealousy of the Green Parrot
Etching, watercolor, 64×50, 1997

Etching, watercolor, 65×55, 1997

The Vase
Etching, watercolor, 75×40, 1997

Horisontal Still Life
Etching, watercolor, 42×84, 1996

Still Life I
Etching, watercolor, 65×55, 1996

Still Life II
Etching, watercolor, 65×55, 1996

Still Life III
Etching, watercolor, 55×65, 1996

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