Solo exhibition at the Gary Bowman's art gallery

For the second time a famous Ukrainian artist Oksana Stratiychuk presents her prints at the Gary Bowman's art gallery. Still remaining faithful to her favorite botanical theme, in her latest series of etchings Oksana entirely reinterprets the philosophical content of her works. Magnificent baroque bouquets and juicy bodily fruits are replaced with symbolic plants, generalized images of flowers. Thoroughly and carefully the artist studies floristic diversity of the surrounding world to analyze each model with the cautiousness of a scientist, and, later, to eternally capture the ideal image with a passion of a real Platonist. Initially, the perfect flowers are placed in the author’s own herbarium, but soon the confined space of a personal collection becomes far too tight. Plants replicate, covering the paper and the walls like a carpet of wild ivy, creating an amazing garden blooming defiantly and proud.

The exhibition opens at 6 pm on September, 25 at Gary Bowman's art gallery in Lviv.

The first of August
Etching, watercolor, 64×85, 2015

Etching, watercolor, 62×86, 2015

Etching, 33×64, 2015

September, 15
Multiple intaglio, watercolor, 85×56, 2015

Etching, watercolor, 68×96, 2015

Gliding Drake
Etching, watercolor, 24×85, 2014

Carpet: Ivy
Etching, watercolor, 66×96, 2014

Etching, watercolor, 85×66, 2014

Garden: Chrysanthemum
Etching, watercolor, 62×96, 2013

Olive Grove
Etching, watercolor, 66×96, 2013

Etching, 23×65, 2012

Cauliflower and Garlic
Etching, 25×50, 2012

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